More on Online Loans in the Act

Online loans on the spot are an option for those people who need fast financing and can not wait. Today there are several operators that provide this possibility.

In the article we indicate what are the main characteristics of this product, its requirements and the opinion we have.

Characteristics of online loans in the act

Characteristics of online loans in the act

An online credit in the act is the option for those people who need quick liquidity and can not move. The development of Internet favors that you can operate from your computer and have a quick response.

Fintech companies have gained a presence since the economic crisis of 2007. The bankruptcy of trust also reached the banks, which stopped providing financing to people who had fulfilled their whole life with their financial obligations. The fintech offered quick money for small expenses and, most importantly, without asking too many questions. Since then, this market segment has only grown in Spain.

On the other hand, liquidity is one of the main conditions. If you need money, an option to get it without having to give endless laps or do several steps is this. We indicate the main elements to consider:

1. Immediateness

The main point in favor of the online loans in the act lies, precisely, in the fact that they will deposit the money into account in a maximum of 48 hours. In addition, you must keep in mind that the application process is extremely simple and that, in most cases, you will have a definitive answer in a maximum of 15 minutes.

This serves, in practice, so that you do not waste time in case of refusal and you can search in other instances. Today there are several fintech that can provide this type of financing.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is another of the remarkable aspects of this type of financing. First, because you can ask for variable amounts, although it is normal to be between 50 and 1000 euros and for specific expenses. On the other hand, because there are cases in which you can access the financing even if you are in the Financial Credit Institutions default file. Finally, because interest will vary, and much, depending on your solvency and risk ratio, although your APR will rarely be below 20%.

Therefore, in addition to being a fast formula to get money, online loans on the spot are an interesting option for not renouncing liquidity in specific cases.

3. Payroll or endorsement is not necessary

The vast majority of companies that grant an online credit on the spot do not require a payroll or a guarantee. This does not mean that they do not demand guarantees, but the options to prove that you can pay the money you ask for are easier to assume. In some cases, it is considered that with a benefit or crediting a continuous income can be shown that you are solvent; Sometimes, it will also be worth a property.

4. Short return period

If you ask for credits online in the act, think that the average period of return that you are going to demand is short. In most cases, there will be 30 days that can be up to 90. There are rare cases in which you are allowed to repay on credit in a year if the amounts are low and without a fixed payroll.

Requirements to access online loans in the act

Requirements to access online loans in the act

The online financing in the act stands out for its versatility and, for this reason, you should know what are the minimum conditions that are required. They are the following:

Fixed and demonstrable income

Make no mistake, to access a loan you must be able to provide some kind of guarantee. Having fixed and demonstrable income is a way for the financial operator to have confidence and lend you the money. To guarantee this aspect, you can contribute a fixed payroll, a pension or your historical income and contributions if you are self-employed.

Age of majority

This type of financing products can only be requested by adults. Although in the past the maximum age limit was set at 65 years, there are already several fintech who grant online loans on the spot to people with more years.

Residence in Spain

The applicant for these products must have legal residence in Spain, regardless of whether it is national or not. Not in vain, one of the main aspects to consider is the rooting.

Contact methods

The contact methods are essential for any operation with fintech companies and here too. You need to provide a mobile phone, checking account and email. All these data will facilitate the operation because they will make it viable.

The opinion of Astro Finance

The opinion of Astro Finance

We believe that instant online loans are a good option to solve specific problems that can not be delayed. In this case, they do a good service because the surcharge of a fine already means the interest you are going to pay and, if you do not face an enrollment, you will not be able to study that year.

Now, nobody escapes that the interests that are asked on average are greater, the quantities reduced and the term of short return. Therefore, if it is not with that philosophy, it is more likely that you are interested in a personal loan of another type because you will have better access conditions and payments. In the end, he thinks that most financial operators ask for fewer guarantees than a traditional entity and that has advantages, but also some drawbacks.

As a general principle, it is advisable that you use this financing formula only when strictly necessary. In this way, you will get the sense that you really have.



online loans have grown in the heat of the development of the fintech and today are one of the options available for those who need money and without giving many explanations. We suggest you enter the Astro Finance comparator to better understand all the possibilities within your reach and make a conscious decision.