We are a small family owned shop that's been doing racecar fabrication since 2002. But it all started for me when I built my first engine at 17 years old for my own race car then doing builds for friends in the group of racers I hang out with and has been my passion ever since.

While mainly doing 1 or 2 major builds a year we have expanded into more in the shop with custom smaller jobs and specializing in Nitrous Oxide tuning and installation as well as filling bottles.

Since the beginning we have taken pride in the quality of work we do and with the automotive world becoming more technically advanced every day we are always updating with constant training in the new processes and products.  With great customer demand we are moving into the General Automotive Service side. This being said we can now stop telling our racing customers no when it comes to the daily driver vehicles.  So don't wait and give us a call with your needs and book an appointment!